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On July 1, Greenwave Health Technologies will transition to a new organizational structure called Oncology Physicians Network Healthcare, or OPN Healthcare.

The decision to embark on this transition was carefully considered. Over the past couple of years, our management team began to realize that a repositioning of the company for future growth and success was necessary. Part of this transition entailed a rebranding and renaming. By changing our name, we have made an investment in the future that positions us for sustained and healthy growth. We are committed to serving the oncology community by building a path to wellness.

OPN Transition Frequently Asked Questions

OPN is committed to expanding its infrastructure, the market regions and the services it provides as part of the transition to its new organizational structure. We anticipate having physician relationships in other states besides California and building successful networks that we manage in those states. Our letterhead and other communication materials will reflect the brand identity for this new organizational structure.

Our core mission, existing relationships and current capabilities will all stay the same. In addition, administrative activities, our billing processes and the way we interface with our customers and partners will continue as they were unchanged.

No, the core management team that has been a part of our success will remain in place. However, our expansion will allow us to bring on additional team members to help improve our service to existing and potential new customers.

OPN will continue to be the MSO provider for OPN-SCOA, as well as OPN-California. We have had a two decade relationship with SCOA that we look forward to continuing. This will soon include additional networks in other markets as we finalize those agreements.

All phone numbers will stay the same. Our new website will be www.opnhc.com and the new address is:
OPN Healthcare
550 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 1000
Glendale, CA. 91203

Tiffany Reeves will be the point person on all transition-related issues. She can be reached at
treeves@opnhc.com or 818.507.4732 x122

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