Creating Clinical Trial Opportunities for Community Based Oncology

OPN Healthcare is committed to identifying and participating in clinical oncology trial opportunities for our partners. These programs offer our partners a chance to provide cutting-edge oncology care that would not normally be available in the community setting.

OPN is committed to providing research sites focused on proactively addressing issues that can delay site startup.

In 2005, it was reported that delays in clinical development of new treatments was in part due to the conduct of its research studies.  On average, 66% of all studies performed are delayed for 2.7 months and 39% report that site selection is the principal delay.  Most study sites accrue zero or only one patient.

OPN Offers a Set of Unique Advantages

Rapid Identification of Research Sites and Patients

OPN  accelerates development through rapid site identification and matching.  Potential studies are matched to the most qualified site(s) across Southern California. When studies are opened, clinical trial navigators help identify and track potential patients with our physicians.

Catalogue of Quality Sites for Research

OPN collects site specific information and qualifications, provides each site with regulatory materials, provides education and training to the sites, and establishes contracts with ancillary service providers.  OPN practices share a single EMR/Practice Management systems with clinical trials organized for each site.

Streamlined Management of Research Studies

For drug developers, efficiency and effectiveness of information processes can directly impact their speed and ability to open studies and enroll patients.  OPN provides sites in the network study start-up services, regulatory support (including IRB submissions, amendments and continuing review) and billing services that accurately reflect pre-approved, contracted budgets.

OPN is committed to helping drug developers control clinical trial costs with pre-negotiated ancillary service provider rates, invoiceable costs and coordinated accrual.  The entire process is also streamlined through orders that match sponsor protocols, integrated EMR/EDC systems that allow physicians  to focus on patient care, patient safety, and collecting quality data.

OPN Payors

For Payors

OPN’s comprehensive networks of community oncology physicians have specialized expertise in delivering value-based oncology care. It successfully implements new technology and workflows for improved and efficient cancer care management. 

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For Oncologists

OPN partners with a select group of community oncology physicians. This model helps grow oncology practices and streamline their relationship with payors.

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Oncology Physicians Network Healthcare is a growing organization that is continually adding quality oncology care providers to its already substantial roster of dedicated oncology practices.

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