Creating alignment between payors, oncologist and patients for more effective community oncology care

Building a Path to Wellness

OPN Healthcare is a technology enabled specialty healthcare services company focused on cancer care. It partners with physicians and aligns their practices with health insurance organizations and other healthcare payors to deliver oncology care while managing costs efficiently.

OPN Healthcare was initially founded as GreenWave Health Technologies in 1999. It has a demonstrated track record in assisting payors to reduce the increasing costs of medical oncology through a value-based methodology. OPN has successfully grown, and now manages the oncology needs for over one million enrollees. Initially based in Southern California through Southern California Oncology Associates (SCOA), the company is adapting its model in other regions. This successful approach can be used with payors around the country to reduce ongoing costs while also upholding a culture of quality oncology care throughout its network.

The fragmented nature of traditional oncology care leads to inefficient usage of resources without enhancing the level of care. This lack of a coordinated strategy in an environment of new therapies and demographic shifts is creating escalated costs, reduced access and limited patient benefit. OPN provides seamless coordination between payors, physicians and patients for excellent medical oncology care within its community-based oncology networks.


OPN is honored that its Care Management Services program is URAC Accredited.

The Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry. The comprehensive URAC Accreditation process evaluates a healthcare organization’s systems, processes, and performance. The accreditation is considered a high mark of distinction for healthcare organizations that demonstrate a commitment to quality and accountability.

Aligning Payors and Oncologists

  • Create a sustainable network of oncology physician resources
  • Provide specialized expertise in managing value-based oncology care
  • Implement new technology and workflows for improved and economical quality of care 

Growth in OPN Coverage

OPN has been consistently growing its enrollees and patients served over the last 10 year. This growth is a testament to the effectiveness of the OPN model to provide quality cancer care in the community setting

Company Overview

For Oncologists

For Oncologists

  • Facilitate and provide a platform to align practices with payors
  • Create opportunities for oncologists to grow their community practices
  • Accelerate reimbursement timing for care delivery
  • Streamline administrative tasks in care delivery including authorizations, credentialing and billing
  • Improve workflows and the collection of actionable data through network-wide technological implementation
For Payors

For Payors

  • Provide enrollees a robust network of community oncology providers, including radiation and medical oncology
  • Offer a reliable system for contracting, risk management and predictable pricing
  • Maintain standards in clinical quality and patient satisfaction
  • Act as a single point of contact for the resolution of plan, patient and network issues
  • Present sophisticated business intelligence and reporting toolset
  • Manage patients across the care continuum for network retention/repatriation
For Patients

For Patients

  • Extensive network of Oncology Providers contracted with most insurance plans in the communities that OPN serves
  • Convenient office locations to ensure care is close to home and work
  • Concierge service to guide patients and families through the care process
  • Central phone line for assistance and concerns such as information and scheduling
  • Access to the latest approved clinical trials at participating OPN sites
  • Second opinion services within the OPN network
OPN Payors

For Payors

OPN’s comprehensive networks of community oncology physicians have specialized expertise in delivering value-based oncology care. It successfully implements new technology and workflows for improved and efficient cancer care management. 

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For Oncologists

OPN partners with a select group of community oncology physicians. This model helps grow oncology practices and streamline their relationship with payors.

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Oncologist Network Locator

Oncology Physicians Network Healthcare is a growing organization that is continually adding quality oncology care providers to its already substantial roster of dedicated oncology practices.

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