OPN is focused on seamless coordination between payors and oncologists for excellent community oncology care and sustainable management of resources.

Alignment Means Simplification

In order to fulfill our goal of aligning payors, patients and oncology practices we are always finding new ways to simplify administrative burdens on the practice level. Authorizations and credentialing can be time consuming and cause major stumbling blocks in the delivery of care. We work to align practices and payors by managing or eliminating these tasks, allowing oncologists to focus on patients.

Working from a constantly updated influx of data, OPN collaborates with its oncology physician partners to formulate projected treatment models that meet care guidelines (NCCN, ASCO) and give accurate predictions of cost to providers and payors. Creating this evidence supported path allows for a streamlined experience for all participants.

Infrastructure and Independence

Value-Based care depends on accurate and consistent reporting. By designing and implementing a proven infrastructure for each of our physician partners we focus on enabling each practice to engage in Value-Based care while still maintaining their independence. We take contracting, pricing and risk management into consideration for each physician practice and apply our specialized expertise to create a framework that effectively serves oncologists, patients and payors.

Aligning the Oncology Care Community

Our overall goal of alignment allows physicians to focus on their core strengths of managing cancer populations. This means a reduction in the administrative hurdles for approvals and an accelerated timeline for payments. Our innovative reimbursement models decrease financial uncertainty in practices, increasing their viability and sustainability.

Within the last 10 years OPN contracts have grown to over 1,000,000 covered health plan enrollees. This rapid and constant expansion translates into a sustained demand for available network practices. We focus on continually  connecting health plan enrollees with our OPN partners.

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OPN’s comprehensive networks of community oncology physicians have specialized expertise in delivering value-based oncology care. It successfully implements new technology and workflows for improved and efficient cancer care management. 

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OPN partners with a select group of community oncology physicians. This model helps grow oncology practices and streamline their relationship with payors.

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Oncology Physicians Network Healthcare is a growing organization that is continually adding quality oncology care providers to its already substantial roster of dedicated oncology practices.

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